Ryouma Ebata Sakuga Spotlight


Ryouma Ebata is pretty much known as that guy who animates walking. There is even a term named after his walking animation now: Ebata Walk. Of course there is more to it than that, he is all around an incredibly talented character animator, managing to balance exaggerated movement with more grounded stuff to create very memorable and charismatic moments, but how he animates simple scenes of characters walking is the one thing that tends to stand out the most. There is a bounce and perkiness, an attention to detail, that is extremely uncommon. Simple things like a character shifting balance, a misstep, or the swing of the hips.

Ebata first got into the industry in 2003, where he did in-between animation on Di Gi Charat Nyo for Madhouse, then in 2004 he got his first job doing key animation for Studio Pierrot on Saiyuki Gunlock. Since then, he has worked for a ton of companies on a ton of projects, doing work varying from key animation, to animation direction, to storyboarding and directing. What he is perhaps most well known for, other than that awesome Ebata Walk though, are his opening and endings, some of which include the ED to Celestial Method, the ED to Dimension W, the OP for Absolute Duo, The OP for Shonen Maid, and very recently, the ED to Rewrite. What really makes these particular works stand out is that he did them almost entirely by himself, from directing, to storyboarding, to key animating.

I couldn’t find a great way to insert this into my block of text, so I just want to add, he also solo key animated episode 17 of Yama No Susume season 2, which is often touted as the best of the series, among an already very visually strong short series.

Here is a cut by him from Gatchaman Crowds. You can easily see how much excessive movement and personality there is, when compared to the standard stilted character movement in many anime. IF you want, you could probably say he has an awful lot of “swag”.

Gatchaman Crowds

Absolute Duo OP cut

Dimension W: That hip movement is kind of awesome.

Dimension W: He is also pretty good with the action!

Anime News Network Profile


Dimension W ED:

Absolute Duo OP:

Celestial Method ED:


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