Ryo-Timo Sakuga Spotlight


Ryo-Timo is one of the very first in the community of animators called “webgen”. Typically younger animators who grew up creating short pieces of animation entirely digitally in their free time, and who eventually turned professional after getting noticed by a more progressively minded studio, or individual, in the industry. In the last few years, these sorts of animators have exploded in the industry. Using Flash(most of the time), they draw each key frame directly on a tablet, or monitor, where they are able to adjust their work easily in real-time, and even display multiple frames at once, allowing for a much more efficient process of animation. Ryo-Timo, being one of these guys, entered the industry after some of his amateur flash animation was discovered in 2004 by Osamu Kobayashi, the director of Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. It didn’t take long for the excellent work he did on Beck to propel him to other projects such as Aquarion, and then earn him a promotion to animation director on the brand new remake of Birdy the Mighty Decode in 2008. As his first big responsibility, Ryo-Timo took the opportunity to advance digital animation in the series as much as possible, making it the most extensive use of it at the time. The next step in his life led him to take an unprecedented amount of control over Yozakura Quartet Hoshi no Umi, and its follow up TV series Hana No Uta, where he worked as Director, Character Designer, and Animation Director. This allowed him to assemble one of the most impressive groups of webgen animators in history, to create the very first fully digital TV series. Using mostly Flash, Ryo-Timo and his crew created one of the most visually stimulating series to-date. Rivaling such shows as One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 1oo and Space Dandy.

After the stress of Yozakura Quartet, Ryo-Timo moved toward lecturing students on animation and kept fairly quiet for a time, but just recently he has resurfaced with work on Me!Me!Me!, the notorious Animator Expo Short, as well as storyboarding and episode directing on Ajin, the CG TV series by Polygon Pictures.

Other work that Ryo-Timo has been involved in, include the previously mentioned Dennou Coil(helmed by Mitsuo Iso of similar caliber), Noein, Gurren Lagann, Nisemonogatari, and Madoka Magica.

His style is hard to pin down, but displays a lot of the characteristics of webgen animation in general, including loose line work, flat characters, lots of camera movement, and very expressive character movement. Here is a clip of his work from Noein:


This is a lucky case where we have access to three levels of production on the cut, so here is the page for that: https://sakuga.yshi.org/post?tags=parent%3A5346

If you want to see more:

Tales of Vesperia: https://sakuga.yshi.org/post/show/8735/animated-fighting-ryo-timo-smears-tales_of_series-

Noein: https://sakuga.yshi.org/post/show/5670/3d_background-animated-cgi-character_acting-noein-


Aquarion: https://sakuga.yshi.org/post/show/14870/animated-character_acting-effects-liquid-ryo-timo-

Hanamaru Kindergarten: https://sakuga.yshi.org/post/show/8959/animated-fabric-fighting-hair-hanamaru_kindergarte

Other really helpful resources for more information on him:



His work to date: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=100857



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